Two measures to measure the quality of sound


How to judge whether a sound is good or bad? Can you really judge whether a sound is good or bad if you know a little about it? When there is no professional test tool or precise instrument, how should you judge whether a sound is good or bad? Then you can buy it in buy buy?

Low configuration test

Tools: a glass of water, a song with lossless sound quality

Test Bass

The bass effect of the speaker can be said to be a very important part of the overall sound quality. It is directly related to the shock effect of the fullness of the sound effect. For the performance requirements of the speaker using the bass unit, we conduct some simple tests:

Put a glass of water on the side of the speaker. The speaker with good bass effect can cause the vibration of the water cup. The more ripples in the water cup, the better the bass effect of the speaker, the more obvious the effect and the longer the time.

2. Test the midrange

For most of the speaker products, it is difficult to distinguish the sound quality. Its main function is to produce a sense of reality. The test of the midrange part is to watch a multi-channel movie (that is, the kind where two sounds are played together).

3. Test the treble part

The treble effect of the speaker is generally very intuitive. For example, singing and some special electronic sound effects, and even some extreme sounds beyond the hearing range. How should we conduct this test? The method is to use some high-pitched voices to feel it. In fact, songs can also be used to test it,

For example:

"Reserved" Faye Wong "Drunken Flower Shade" High Tone

"Three Sets of Cars" and "Women's Flowers" Zhao Peng's Various Songs Intermediate Frequency

"If This Is Love" Can Test Bass

In fact, Faye Wong's "Legend" can test a lot

High-end testing

Download audio 100 audio tester audio signal generator software

Set up the software

Click Settings, select the number of plays, then select the project to be tested in the test list, and click Play to test.

2.1kHz sine wave test

To determine whether the band is normal (that is, whether it can be played normally, the same below), usually the parameters given in the audio equipment are below 1kHz. Therefore, you can click to test first.

3. Test the low frequency

Low frequency is mainly 25Hz, 31.5Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz, 63Hz, these are the lower limit of many sound playback, if the sound in the selected low frequency sharp drop, which shows that the lower limit of the sound playback is your choice of low frequency.

4. More important is the 80 to 160Hz test

This test determines the upper frequency limit of the subwoofer. The sound at the frequency is mainly the thick feeling of music. When the sound performs well there, even if the previous test is not satisfactory, the sound will not lack bass, otherwise it will be weak.

5.300~500Hz test

The purpose of this test is to test the thickness and strength of the voice. At this time, if the effect is good, the voice is loud and clear, while if the performance is not good, the voice is weak and turbid.

6.2 to 4kHz test

The purpose of this test is to test the level of music, which should not be attenuated in general. The main point of this segment is that 4kHz should not be prominent, otherwise the girls' dental sounds are too heavy.

7.3 to 5kHz test

The purpose of this test is to test the division point between the treble unit and the bass frequency division of the binary speaker, commonly known as the frequency division point. If the fluctuation in this frequency band is too large, there is a problem in the adjustment of the frequency divider.

Test of 8.8~12khz treble area

The test of the ascending section is a test of the appeal and vitality of the sound box's level and color. If the playing effect is good, the expression effect mentioned in the appeal will have a good performance.

9.16 to 20kHz test

Many speakers can not play the band, will be silent, it is possible that you are too old to hear. If the paragraph is lacking, the voice will lack nobility.

10. Sine wave scanning

Through this can quickly determine where the frequency of the problem.