Let the sound of high-end home theater come alive


The positioning of the speakers in the home theater is very important, and the positioning of the speakers in the high-end home theater is particularly important. To get a beautiful sound, the most important thing is to position the speaker in the room. When the position is correct, the whole set of sound will be vivid.


Generally speaking, the farther the speaker is from the back wall, the deeper the sound field. It is difficult to create a deep and wide sound field when the speaker is close to the back wall. Pull the speaker out a few feet. The difference in sound field performance is like heaven and earth. Unfortunately, many living rooms are impossible for you to pull the speaker out. If you must put the speaker close to the back wall, you must make proper sound absorption treatment on the wall.


The timbre balance of most speakers will change with the listening height, but only the midrange and treble will change. Most of the treble units at the same height or located in two treble units will be located between 32 inches and 40 inches from the ground to match the listening height of ordinary people. If you sit under an office chair with adjustable height, you can easily hear the difference. How much listening height affects the sound effect depends on different speakers. Some speakers have considerable tolerance, and the distinction is not so obvious, while others have significant differences. You can hear different sounds when you stretch. To achieve good timbre balance, please choose one to sit on so that your ears and tweeters can be on the same level.


Speaker positioning is the best way to improve the sound effect. It can also improve your ability to distinguish sound quality without spending extra money, and can make ordinary effects become excellent (even if the equipment and speakers are the same). Before you spend money to upgrade the equipment or carry out sound absorption projects, please make sure that you have used the speaker positioning to give full play to the potential of the system.


We can control the sound effect by setting the sound box. Changing the distance from the sound box to the back wall or side wall can control the low frequency quality. Changing the position of the sound box and the listener can reduce the influence of room resonance. Adjusting the listening height and toe-in angle can improve the timbre balance. Changing the toe-in angle can easily change the image strength and spatial sense, and pulling the sound box away from the back wall can increase the sound field depth.