What kind of sound quality is good sound?


1. Listening evaluation:
In addition to the detection of technical quality, when we listen to the sound of a speaker, we often have to rely on our own sense of listening for subjective evaluation, which is listening evaluation.

From a number of audio equipment to choose the advantages and disadvantages of the ear alone, which is often affected by the listener's cultural background, subjective habits, preferences and cultivation, ear acuity and other factors, the subjectivity is very strong, so the consistency is poor, even at different times, the same sound of the same speaker, the same person's evaluation will be different.

Good sound quality standard
The playback sound of an ideal sound system should be a balanced sound, with plump and soft bass, vigorous and powerful mid-to-high pitch, bright and thorough mid-to-high pitch, and clean treble first. The overall feeling is not mixed, not hard, not hairy, good in level, natural and lively, and realistic. It is suitable for playing any style of tracks without obvious bias and defects.

Eight Dimensions of Sound Quality Evaluation
1. Brightness: high and midrange are sufficient, and the listening feeling is clear and active, while the listening feeling is dark for bad systems.

2. fullness: warmth, full medium and bass, moderate height, appropriate loudness and reverberation. Listen to warm, comfortable, flexible. Bad systems sound thin and shriveled.

3, clarity: the band hierarchy, clearly visible, bad system sounds turbid, fuzzy.

4. Balance degree: the proportion of each part is coordinated, the high, medium and bass are balanced, the left and right channels are consistent, and the bad system is vice versa.

5. Softness: that is, soft feeling, good sound diffusion, no harsh treble, pleasant and comfortable listening, and sharp and hard bad system.

6. Strength: The sound is solid and powerful, with a sense of impact, which can reflect the dynamic range of the sound source.

7. Realism: Keep the characteristics of the original sound, while the bad system will be distorted, stained with sound, exploded, broken, trembling and other phenomena.

8, three-dimensional sense: can clearly feel the sound source in various positions in space, sound image positioning accuracy, sound image group distribution is continuous, with appropriate width and depth.