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Requirements for sound quality assessment personnel 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Because the sound quality evaluation has a strong personal subjective color, the individual differences in the occupation, physiology, emotion and cultural accomplishment of the listener directly affect the evaluation results of sound quality. Therefore, in the subjective evaluation of sound quality of audio products, the selection of members of the audition group is very important. The members of the audition group not only have high requirements for the sensitivity of the hearing itself (referring to the conditions possessed by the human ear itself), but also have the ability to evaluate the aesthetics of sound quality and the sound quality of musical instruments and other sound sources. At the same time, but also through the sound quality evaluation can be related to the objective technical indicators of audio products, when the product has a slight difference in sound quality, listen to what kind of sound source to distinguish, with what attributes to judge the sound quality difference.

Selection of signal sources and program materials 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Different program sources will have a great impact on the evaluation results when evaluating sound quality. Therefore, the program sources for sound quality evaluation should not only be systematic and comprehensive, including music and voice of different genres and styles, but also have strict recording and production requirements to ensure sufficient frequency band and amplitude.

Conditions for subjective evaluation of sound quality 2011-12-12 12:15:59

The evaluation of sound quality depends on a variety of factors, such as sound source characteristics (sound pressure, frequency, spectrum, etc.), signal characteristics of audio equipment (such as distortion, frequency response, dynamic range, signal-to-noise ratio, transient characteristics, stereo separation, etc.), sound field characteristics (such as direct sound, early reflection sound, reverberation sound, interaural correlation number, reference vibration, sound absorption rate, etc.), auditory characteristics (such as loudness curve, audible range, various hearing senses), etc.. Therefore, this requires the evaluator to listen to various sound effects in a relatively standard environment.

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