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Zhuhai OHM Technology Co., LTD. was founded in 2003. It was built by the top design masters in the audio industry. Work silently with professional ideas, professional attitudes and professional service methods; Adhere to the belief that science and technology change the future and science and technology change life created a wonderful curtain. It has one of the few professional-level large-scale R & D bases in the industry, a very professional development team, a variety of professional testing equipment, a top-level audio curve computer analysis system, a high-standard independent testing space, and a high-standard audition space. No matter how simple or complex the products are, we guarantee its absolute high standards and absolute professionalism.

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Seven performance indicators to measure the sound quality of the speaker

Are there many Baozi who want to buy a speaker but don't know how to choose it, and don't know which indicators to look at to judge the quality of the speaker? As a person who likes to listen to music, besides according to his own needs, he usually looks at the sound quality of the speaker when choosing it. If there are Baozi who can't choose, he can refer to my seven performance indicators below, so that you can better distinguish the quality of the speaker, less detours on the way to buy speakers.


What kind of sound quality is good sound?

From a number of audio equipment to choose the advantages and disadvantages of the ear alone, which is often affected by the listener's cultural background, subjective habits, preferences and cultivation, ear acuity and other factors, the subjectivity is very strong, so the consistency is poor, even at different times, the same sound of the same speaker, the same person's evaluation will be different.


Two measures to measure the quality of sound

How to judge whether a sound is good or bad? Can you really judge whether a sound is good or bad if you know a little about it? When there is no professional test tool or precise instrument, how should you judge whether a sound is good or bad? Then you can buy it in buy buy?

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