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Ohm Company was established in 2003. It has established and realized the global market goal of consumer electronic products. It has formed a benchmarking role in the minds of consumers, met the needs of consumers, and established a leader style in the industry. The meticulous craftsmanship of each product is to continuously improve the quality of products and make unremitting efforts, always adhere to the people-oriented principle and give full play to the spirit of masters.

Ohm's birth, growth, re-growth and development to the present day are also witnesses to the development of the whole industry, from black rubber disc player to the first tape player, to CD disc, VCD and DVD. From analog to analog and digital combination to the whole process of entering the microcomputer era, ohm people are participating in the whole process. We are not only making extraordinary contributions in the electronic field, also in the field of product design, structural design has made countless innovations, won a lot of honor.

Ohm has always had a place in the wave of the rapid development of today's consumer electronics products. It is our continuous innovative ideas and innovative products that are closely related to our belief in winning the market with quality and winning the trust of the people with integrity.